Orders for the Phishing Campaign offer must be made by Friday 11th December 2020 to qualify for the (22%) discount as advertised during the Black Friday promotion.

The Phishing Campaign / Test can be carried out post 11th December 2020, but the confirmed booking must be in place and supported by a Purchase Order reference by the deadline.

Any bookings confirmed but then cancelled but re-booked at a later date will forfeit the discount and be charged at the normal rate.

The discount is £1,000 off the normal Logically Secure rate for a 2-attack Phishing Campaign (£4,500 + VAT).

The testing involves a complex 2-attack Phishing Test to replicate a real-world attack scenario by a sophisticated attacker who is trying to access the company’s resources by tricking staff through a number of known methods. For example, pretending to be;

  • a notification from an internal system
  • a new employee
  • a known third-party provider company
  • internal IT support etc.

Logically Secure’s simulated attack methods will depend on how much OSINT (open source intelligence) allowed by the Client / how much information and access the Client will share. This will be determined in a scoping call prior to testing.

Following the Phishing Campaign, a report will be sent to the Client which will include:

  • a key Findings Summary
  • a results Dashboard
  • the Phishing Techniques Used