Helpful hints, tips and offers from Logically Secure this Christmas...

With so many aspects of Cyber Security to consider, take a look at our 12 days of Cyber-mas helpful advice, hints and info. We hope you enjoy it and find some helpful tips…

Day 1

A fantastic free e-book download!

Find out the ins and outs of performing a pen-test.

Get it here!

Day 2

Why 2-factor authentication is so important.


Find out in this 2-min read!

Day 3

3 great new security offers from Logically Secure. 

We can help you:

  1. Review your Build

  2. Check your Microsoft 365 security

  3. Ensure your business is meeting Data Protection requirements

Find out more here

Day 4

4 fundamental reasons for a pen-test.


Find out why you should carry out a pen-test here!

Day 5


5 golden aspects for working from home.

As working from home has become ‘the norm’ this year, it’s vital the cyber security of the office environment is replicated remotely.

Take note of these 5 fundamental key points when working from home.

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Day 6


6 cyber security tips for start-ups.

Check out the pdf with these simple starter tips get you on your way with protecting your business!

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Day 7

7 types of testing from Logically Secure.

Amongst the security services we offer there are 7 key testing methods that you can check out here.

Day 8

8 key principles of Data Protection.

If you are processing and retaining customers’ information in anyway then you need to be well aware of your responsibilities in protecting it.

Take note of these 8 principles to find out what you need to be doing.

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Day 9

9 checks to to see if an email could be bogus (phishing).

Can you trust the email you’re about to open? 

Follow the decision tree infographic to determine whether you should be suspicious or not!

Click on the image to open it up.

Day 10

10 basic rules of Cyber Security. 

Follow these fundamental steps to help improve your cyber security.


Find out more in this quick-read here.

Day 11

11 common attack methods.

Understanding the methods by which you can be attacked is a start in the defence against them. 

Find out more about the different methods here.


Day 12

12 months for the price of 10.

When you subscribe annually to our CyberCPR incident response and case management platform. 

Find out more about CyberCPR here.

The team at Logically Secure wish you a
very Merry and Safe Christmas
and a Prosperous New Year!

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