With many years in the IT and security industry our staff have a great breadth of experience with which to assist your investigations.

Additionally, we offer several services relating to Incident Response to assist our clients at several stages of handling with incidents.  The following are just the high level aspects.  Contact us if you want something bespoke or just want to understand how we would work with you to secure and minimise any breach impact.

General Forensics

  • Laptop, desktop, server forensics to identify unusual, hacker or insider activity (for HR cases).
  • Mobile device forensics
  • Log analysis to identify various types of activity

Pre-breach Incident Response services

(the ones you should do to reduce the risk of a breach):

  • Training for staff on Incident Response (IR) techniques.
  • Incident response policy assessments and development/review
  • Incident readiness review (to check you have the right sort of systems to handle an incident)

Breach Services

  • Incident Response staff with the following skill sets:
    • Incident triage and management.
    • Incident security analysis.
    • Host and network forensics staff (with some malware analysis).
    • Executive coordination and briefing.
  • Incident management software (CyberCPR) installation or emergency cloud portal access (hosted by us in Cheltenham).

We work ad hoc or under a retainer contract.  Ideally we will exchange NDA and contracts before you need our services, so we always recommend you contact us before you really need us.

Additionally, it is our preference to conduct a site visit or series of meetings so we can better understand your network and possibly provide some guidance on securing or hardening the environment pre-breach and how to better instrument the network and hosts for faster detection and remediation.

If you would like more information, please contact us here and we will arrange a scoping call.

Note:  If we cannot support your requirements because we are already supporting another large client we will provide you details of other companies we have worked with and will meet your requirements.