of large UK organisations have suffered at least one cyber security breach/attack in the last 12 months.


Virtually 100% of UK Businesses are exposed to cyber threats


of UK organisations dont know the source of their most disruptive attack


of UK business don’t have a formal security policy

Facts and figures taken from UK government information security breaches survey 2017

“I am absolutely delighted with the very professional service provided by Logically Secure and retain their services on a consultancy basis, providing help, advice and guidance to me when required.”

Security Lead, Higher Education Sector

Logically Secure was founded in 2006 to provide penetration testing services to the music industry, computer game organizations and technical advice to HMG departments.

Since then, we have grown to offer consultancy, digital forensics, training, incident response, CTFs, Red Teaming and any other cyber support our customers require.

We are passionate about what we do and how we do it, and our services are personally configured, and designed around our customers.

We are still small enough to be agile and dynamic, but large and experienced enough to cater bespoke services to several of the world’s largest technical and engineering based companies.

Each customer has their own personal consultant that they can engage with, which is why we have a large loyal customer base.

The Director, Steve Armstrong, is also a SANS instructor for 504 Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling.

Logically Secure Digital Forensics and penetration testing

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

We pride ourselves on being able to help organisations from SMEs to multi-national corporations during all stages of the cyber incident management lifecycle.

Our Digital Forensic and Incident Response consultants can assist you through all stages of the incident lifecycle, from management through to deep dive forensics and analysis. We don’t judge your IT skills, efforts and infrastructure, we focus on securing your environment instead.

  • Identifying the attackers’ entry point.
  • Identifying vulnerable and compromised systems.
  • Addressing the immediate breach issues.
  • Gathering evidence relating to the attack.
  • Imaging systems (disk and RAM) to snapshot the systems allowing for analysis.
  • Deploying sensors and collectors to gather network evidence.
  • Identifying malware and rootkit installations.
  • Communicating all this to management so they actually understand the risks and scope.
  • Planning to prevent further compromises.

If you’re experiencing a breach, or have experienced a breach, and our looking to mitigate future risks to your organisation, then get in touch today to see how Logically Secure can help you!

The concept for CyberCPR was driven by Logically Secure’s need to efficiently collaborate, plan and support their clients. We found that email and spreadsheets were too heavily relied upon, which often leads responders and executives to miss out on getting crucial information they need fast and in a centralised location.

By centralising evidence and incident related information, teams can operate faster and more efficiently resulting in quicker incident remediation and reduced organisational risk.

The brainchild of Steve Armstrong, a SANS Certified Instructor and former RAF Provost Officer, it’s been architected and developed over several years and awarded a US Patent on 4th July 2017. CyberCPR has a strong customer-defined roadmap of development ahead.

  Apply for a free 1-3 user license or trial today!

Cyber CPR. Incident Management and Response

Security Services

Logically Secure have highly skilled consultants with a diverse range of skill sets that have helped organisations big and small identify the risks, as well as simulate attacks they may be exposed to. We pride ourselves on the relationship we have built with our clients. At Logically Secure we also assist in continuing to help our clients build a greater awareness of the risks associated with the changing demands of their organisation.

£1.46m – £3.14m

£75k – £311k

average costs of large (top) and small (bottom) organisations that have suffered a security breach


of the worst security breaches were caused partly by senior management giving insufficient priority on security

  • Network Vulnerability Assessments
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Security Assessment
  • Wireless Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Security Audits
  • Mobile Application Security Assessments
  • Code Review & Database Security
  • Red Team Testing
  • Regulatory Compliance

Contact us


+44(0) 1242 220040

Logically Secure Ltd

(Note we have moved as of 1st March 2017)
Normandy House
305-309 High Street Cheltenham
Gloucestershire, GL50 3HW

Don’t wait until you’re the next victim. Be proactive and protect your organisation!

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