We’re looking for a graduate software engineer to join us at CyberCPR. CyberCPR is a web-based product for managing responses to cyber security incidents, such as network breaches. We’re a small but growing team and our software is being adopted by huge organisations across the globe.

What you’ll be doing

You could be working on making a slick interface to help security analysts analyse malware on the fly. You might be working on backend systems to log rapid events and then performing time-series analysis on it. You might be working to help develop our cloud capabilities. You might be polishing a user interface so that users are wowed by the experience.

As well as working on cool and challenging problems, you’ll be getting a great salary, great working arrangements, a cool working environment and excellent opportunities for learning and career growth.

Your typical day

On a typical day you’ll most likely be working on one or more of the following:

Developing and testing software at the heart of CyberCPR’s platform.

You might be:

– Writing code in Javascript/Typescript, PHP7 or another modern programming language.
– Experimenting on new areas of our stack with .Net core, Elixir or modern concurrent and functional languages.
– Building out QA processes, helping to prove and improve the robustness of your software.
– Deploying and operating your software on everything from small, offline instances up to large instances in data-centres across the globe.
– Working with containerisation and virtualisation technologies such as Vagrant, Docker and OpenStack.
– Participating in our software team and the wider community.

Maybe you will be:

– Analysing complex technical issues, discussing approaches and building consensus.
– Learning new skills, architectures, paradigms or trying a new way of working.
– Teaching someone else a skill.
– Giving talks and presentations to the wider community and building out a professional network.

How we work

We’re a friendly and supportive team and we leave our egos at the door. We believe that we all work better in a supportive environment that listens and takes onboard the opinions of others. We prefer to work through how we solve an issue in a calm way than point fingers of blame. When you screw up, we’ll recognise that it happens to all of us, we’ll learn from it and move on (and we might even buy you a drink to cheer you up). We’re an equal opportunities employer. We recognise that women are under-represented in our industry and we support efforts to improve gender representation. We expect any new developer to hold these values and fit into this mould.


We have offices in Cheltenham and Cardiff, you can work from either of these.  There is also the opportunity to work from home 2-3 days a week.


One of our USPs is that we employ UK Nationals working on the project, while we can stretch this it US nationals, we will be looking for staff to be UK security vetted (again a USP). Thus UK Visa requirements make certain countries challenging in terms of administration and visa time and fees.

To apply for this contact “steve <a> logicallysecure.com”