What we’re looking for

We’re looking for a Senior Full Stack PHP Developer at CyberCPR. CyberCPR is a web-based product for managing responses to cyber security incidents, such as network breaches.

What you’ll work on

You’ll be working on a large range of areas within our tech stack.

On the backend, our stack is PHP-based, and currently migrating from its CodeIgniter 3.x framework to Symfony 4 by gradual introduction of Symfony (and various other) components. The other principal parts of the stack are Mongo (with Doctrine’s Mongo ODM), Elasticsearch and Beanstalk

On the frontend, we’re currently using jQuery with Bootstrap 3.x but we have plans to move to a new nice UI with Bootstrap 4.x with React or Vuejs in the near future.

Along with the Lead Technical Architect and Lead Developer, you’ll be a central part of helping to take things over to a more modern stack and all the lovely developer experience improvements that come with that.

You’ll also be helping us plan and build out great new features.

What we can offer

Firstly, you’ll get the chance to genuinely shape development. We’ll rely on you feeding in your ideas and approaches and thoughts about what we can improve, where we can improve it and how to go about it.

CyberCPR is a cyber security platform, so you’ll get the chance to work with renowned and recognized cyber security professionals and blue-chip companies. How often can you easily ask a professional to have a go at cracking your code? You can here!

We’ll also be looking for you to help in recruiting developers as we grow, and, given your experience, to provide tech help and mentoring as we recruit junior members into the team. We’ve got a product with free cashflow, we’re not reliant on investors and we’ve signed up some of the world’s largest blue-chip organisations as customers. You’d have the chance to come in early to a growing company with the potential to recruit new developers into a reporting line.

We know all places say they are nice to work at – but we really mean it! None of us are party animals (we mostly have families) but we do like to share a meal and pint and a talk about everything from history to philosophy to business to politics.

What is CyberCPR?

CyberCPR is a software platform for managing incident response – that is, managing the handling of cybersecurity issues such as breaches and cyberattacks and being the communications platform for assigning tasks, monitoring progress and collecting evidence. In addition, we deploy cool tools to allow security analysts to analyse RAM dumps from systems, we deal with the encryption of evidence in a secure vault and we work on a whole host of interesting security-related problems.

How we work

We’re a friendly and supportive team and we leave our egos at the door. We believe that we all work better in a supportive environment that listens and takes onboard the opinions of others. We prefer to work through how we solve an issue in a calm way than point fingers of blame. When you screw up, we’ll recognise that it happens to all of us, we’ll learn from it and move on (and we might even buy you a drink to cheer you up). We’re an equal opportunities employer. We recognise that women are under-represented in our industry and we support efforts to improve gender representation. We expect any new developer to hold these values and fit into this mould.


We have offices in Cheltenham and Cardiff, you can work from either of these.  There is also the opportunity to work from home 2-3 days a week.


One of our USPs is that we employ UK Nationals working on the project, while we can stretch this it US nationals, we will be looking for staff to be UK security vetted (again a USP). Thus UK Visa requirements make certain countries challenging in terms of administration and visa time and fees.

To apply for this contact “steve <a> logicallysecure.com”