We can help you improve security and protect your business from phishing attacks by carrying out our own controlled phishing campaign on your company to test for security weaknesses. From the campaign we can determine security risks and then help you address the issues.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a technique where attackers masquerade as a reputable person/ agency to try and obtain information or bi-pass a security control. The most common form is e-mails, although attackers can phone a victim or send malicious links through mobile messenger applications, or social media accounts.


Anti-phishing Working Group

How do I protect my business from phishing?

We can run a series of phishing tests and training sessions for your staff to improve their awareness and understanding of the different types of attacks.


In order to provide the best quality training to our customers, every course is written to cater to our customers requirements. We will sit down and find out your requirements, and make suggestions to create a course that is best suited to your needs. Phishing is notorious because attackers are always improving and evolving their tactics, but we can help your IT department fine tune their defences to be able to detect and block phishing emails entering your network. We can also train your staff to become aware of any key indicators to any emails that do manage to pass through, therefore mitigating any further damage. We can show them working examples, and how easy it is for attackers to mimic emails from known reputable sources.

Further to this, we can also assist you in identifying vulnerable users, and how best to protect your network incase of any incidents, thereby protecting your business on all possible levels.

Training packages can be as small or large as you need, and because its bespoke you only pay for what you need as opposed to buying a a training package in bulk, and only require a small sample.

We recommend annual top-up training for staff due to the evolving methodologies used by attackers.


If you already have a training program in place but want to test its effectiveness we can test your defences by sending various phishing emails. We can also make phone calls, or test via other methods, depending on how thorough you want the testing to be.

Each phish will be specially crafted to test your defences in different ways. We recommend testing at a minimum of two days to a week, but have had customers ask for testing for 6 week periods in larger organisations.

If you would like more information, please contact us and we will arrange a scoping call.