Combining social engineering, public info based reconnaissance, physical breaching and wireless testing into one package. This really tests if someone can break into your company, building or facility.

What is Red Team Testing?

Attempts to simulate a real-world attacker, it differs from a normal penetration testing because it is targeted specifically to the organisation being tested.

It is normally undertaken over a longer time-span than a penetration test, and involves a more in-depth attack spectrum. It is well suited for organisations with mature security procedures that want to go further than traditional penetration testing.

Our red team testing includes:

  • Physical security breach attempts.
  • Close proximity electronic security attacks against electronic access control.
  • Phishing attacks against selected staff.
  • All vector cyber attacks.
  • Human vector analysis (staff online profiles are key inputs to the attack development).
  • Parallel company creation and leverage of the targets use of sub contractors and 3rd party support staff.

This is not a short term or light engagement, the gloves are off and there is practically nothing out of scope* (all actions are conducted within the law of the land where the client and testers reside).

If you would like more information, please contact us and we will arrange a scoping call.