We provide site security assessments for our customers that can be performed onsite or remotely.

What can our site security assessments do for you?

Our skilled security assessors are well experienced with both network security and onsite physical security.

We offer consultancy on how your security infrastructure is set up. Our site security assessments involve a number of checks against industry best-practice, which we use to assess and highlight where you comply with that best-practice and where you don’t. 

From the assessment you can address any highlighted issues and make suitable adjustments to your security protocols, policies and procedures to improve your security posture.

Why have a site security assessment?

More and more customers are realising the importance of security of their data. And more and more businesses are wanting to see proof from their suppliers that the upmost is being done to protect assets, whether that is cyber security of networks etc. or physical security of sensitive information being locked away safely in an office.

Therefore having an independent assessment against industry standards and demonstrating your remedial activity, against observations, to improve your security posture can provide reassurance to your customers and ensure your security processes and policies are fit for purpose. 

What does our assessment involve?

There are a number of areas we cover within the assessment including; 

  • Management policies – disaster recovery, business continuity, training policies etc.
  • Site security – locks, alarms, visitor passes, screen visibility etc.

Onsite assessments are available, but with the on-set of the Covid-19 pandemic, we recognise the importance and need to be able to effectively support you remotely.

We are flexible in providing our site security assessments to a schedule that meets your needs.

Find out more about our site security assessments by booking a short discovery call at a time that suits you.

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