What is a vulnerability scanning assessment?

As an automated, high-level test, a vulnerability scan looks for and reports on vulnerabilities of networks that potentially could be exploited.

An automated scan can perform hundreds or even thousands of checks at a much faster pace than manual testing.

Once a scan has completed, it generates a list of vulnerabilities it has found and will generally offer further advice on how to fix the issues.

Why do I need a regular vulnerability scanning assessment?

Vulnerability scans provide you with a quick, affordable, high-level detection of security issues of your organisation’s network.

No network is 100% safe, however hackers will always go for an easy route in if they can spot one.

¬†Therefore it is vital for you to find any ‘broken windows’ and ‘unlocked doors’, so you can fix them and help to prevent any unwanted intruders.

Our vulnerability scanning assessment services

As an on demand managed service, our monthly vulnerability scanning assessment helps make it easier for you to detect vulnerabilities and misconfigurations on your network.

For a low monthly charge, we provide you with a full report that gives you both a summary overview and also details our findings, where issues are and how to remediate them.

The report compares to your previous month’s report to identify any new issues and highlight any outstanding that may not have been addressed.

Want to find out how our vulnerability scan assessments can help your business become more secure?

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