Wireless networks operate in most organisations and provide staff with easy access to network services; however, they also provide a significant risk to the security of the network as attackers attempt to break passcodes and encryption.

By conducting a wireless audit or wireless penetration test, we can both qualify that risk and help you to reduce it to an acceptable level.

What we do:

  • Visit your site with a wide range of information sources, specialist equipment and software tools.
  • Scan for, identify and intercept traffic to and from your wireless network.
  • Map the network range and the hosts that do and may user the network.
  • Capture packets from the network and identify various hosts (wired and wireless) using the network.
  • Using captured traffic attempt to brute-force the encryption and authentication mechanisms implemented.
  • Connect to public/guest networks provided by yourselves and scan vulnerable parts.
  • for ways to ‘jump’ onto the internal or more sensitive networks.
  • Scan the devices on the public/guest infrastructure to see if they can be leveraged to gain further access to your networks or attack other public services (eg websites).

Following the conclusion of the testing we provide a detailed report on the security of the network including:

  • The numbers of access points you are utilising and channels/security options they are utilising.
  • The encryption used on the network and it’s resistance to on and offline password attacks.
  • The range and locations from where your wireless network can be attacked.
  • The exposure of the internal resources from your public/guest networks.
  • Your alignment with industry good/best practice measures for wireless networks.
  • An action plan on how you can reduce the risk from your wireless network.

If you would like more information, please contact us and we will arrange a scoping call.