Cyber Security, Corona Virus and Working from Home

Cyber-attacks are growing in number and scope on a daily basis with businesses, whether small / medium enterprises (SMEs) or large corporate organisations, being subjected to the likes of Ransomeware, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and phishing schemes to name but a few.

Ransomware attacks alone have increased by 41% in just one year (from 2018 to 2019).

As all attention is now drawn to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), cyber criminals are exploiting opportunities when people and businesses are at their most vulnerable.

Businesses must prioritise their cyber security now more than ever, with a priority placed on ensuring their employees remain conscientious and vigilant of possible threats and scams.

“No battle was ever won according to plan, but no battle was won without one”

– Eisenhower

Businesses need to prepare for the worst and having a robust incident response plan in place is the first step to overcoming a cyber security breach.

With Logically Secure’s incident response and case management platform, CyberCPR, businesses can address a range of potential cyber events quickly and securely. 

Prevention maybe better than cure, however in the world of cyber, it’s more often cited that; it’s not a case of ‘if’ but ‘when’ it happens.

With the current increase of remote working, Information Security staff need the right support and equipment to prepare for any form of cyber incident.

Logically Secure now offers a SaaS version – CyberCPR Pro, which provides immediate access to the incident response platform, through a flexible, non-minimum term, low monthly subscription.

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