There are loads of terms, acronyms and abbreviations that are commonly thrown around the room, presentations and reports that can baffle many new to this sector.  This page will grow over time as we add new terms in an effort to explain the terms we use on this site and in our blog posts.

If you feel an important one is missing please let us know and we will add it.  Similarly, if you believe that our  definition is wrong please shout it out and we can correct or clarify it.

Risk Appetite

The amount of risk a person or organisation is willing to accept.  Traditional or large organisations tend to have a lower risk appetite, while startups have a much higher tolerance of risk and are said to have a higher Risk Appetite.  This can manifest in adoption of BYOD and outsourcing IT support or software development off-shore.


Bring Your Own Device – the concept of using your personal IT for work use.  The most common form of this is using a mobile device for work email and taking calls.


The conducting of an activity out the country that is requiring the activity to be completed.  Good examples are a UK company outsourcing their software development to India or a US company outsourcing their IT support to Mexico.