Logically Secure Special Offer: £1000 off our bespoke Phishing Campaign

£1,000 off phishing campaign

Do your staff know what they are clicking on?

Book a phishing test with us this for just £3,500 and discover how vulnerable your business is to a phishing attack.

Do you know how security-aware your employees are? 

Your employees are your greatest asset, but also your greatest threat when it comes to your cyber security. Phishing emails are a preferred weapon of choice for hackers and these attacks are rapidly increasing! 

Phishing attacks were responsible for $12 billion of fraud in the US alone last year, our campaigns will help ensure you are not the next victim.

What is a phishing attack?

Phishing is the world’s fastest growing cyber-crime, carried out by fraudulently attempting to obtain sensitive information via unsuspecting employees. Once obtained, attackers have the keys into your business, taking your customers’ and your own personal data. 

We are currently offering our bespoke phishing campaign with a fantastic 

£1,000 off our normal price! 

Normal price £4,500

What’s involved?

Our campaign includes 2 attacks that would require considerable technical understanding to realise a potential attack/scam is taking place. This replicates a real-world attack scenario by a sophisticated attacker who is trying to access your company’s resources by tricking staff through a number of known methods. 

Examples of attack include posing as:
  • a notification from an internal system
  • a new employee
  • a known third-party provider company
  • internal IT support 


Following the campaign we provide you with an in-depth report that includes:

  • a key Findings Summary
  • a results Dashboard
  • the phishing Techniques Used
  • technical recommendations
  • procedural recommendations

This will give you sound insight to determine areas for remediation and improvement to your company’s security posture.

Contact us today to assess your staff security awareness 

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